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Ten Stories has over fifteen years of experience creating immersive video content for agencies, government entities, and brands worldwide. Find out more


Case Study


Sea Control by Design:

Tactics, Talent, Tools & Training

A film exploring the human element of warfighting strategy. Read More


Case Study


A Voice in the Noise

Who is your child listening to when it comes to cannabis? Learn why you should be a voice in the noise. Read More


Case Study


Surface Force Strategy:

Distributed Lethality

A look into the chain of command and how it dictates warfighting maneuvers. Read More


Our Services

Ten Stories is team of in-house creatives specializing in writing, design, production, visual effects and editing. We've proven ourselves ready for large scale contracts with our private clientèle, including companies like Qualcomm, as well as for Government projects like our work with the U.S. Navy. As a full-service production company, our approach, capabilities, workflow and expertise mesh perfectly with the needs of the Government.



We like to get our hands dirty from square one. Communicating with our client helps us to discover exactly what they need. We can write, we can design, but most importantly, we can think creatively and generate ideas that make our client's film memorable.


It's time to prepare for everything we'll need to execute in the production phase. Despite our creative nature,  logistics and planning happen to be one of our specialties and coordinating with the client is of the utmost importance.


It's at this stage that objectives become reality. Capable of filming on-location and in-studio, Ten Stories utilizes top of the line equipment and professionally proven talent to capture the story our client is trying to tell.



Like assembling a puzzle and knowing where every piece goes, It's in this stage we let our talents shine. Editing, animating, applying VFX and sound mastering are among the numerous tasks that lead to a thoroughly polished product.

Ten Stories are masters of production - from pre to post. Their artistic creativity and talent combined with their vast knowledge of technology make every tough situation seem extremely simple.


512110: Motion Picture and Video Production

R426: Communication Services

R701: Advertising Services

T006: Film/Video Tape Production Services

T015: General Photographic Services (Motion)